From the heart of Austria's enchanting countryside, Kemara Pol's creative path led him to Berlin & Vienna, two cities pulsating with diversity and artistic resonance.

Currently making waves as a sought-after photographer and AI artist, Kemara effortlessly blends the classic charm of analog color palettes with the cutting-edge exploration of modern themes like gender and inclusion.

Selected Clients

Google, Lush, Iceberg, Adidas, Stella McCartney, Onfy, Iceberg, Green-Shirts, Ina Kent, Viktor Winter, Aufstehn, Damian Andreev, Miriam Hie, Anna Hausburg, Daniel Aminati, Helena Stölting, David Ketter, oekostrom, Kill Akira, Warner Music, Julia Dalia, Anna Winter, Mirrrs, Sarah Karsten, Guido Maria Kretschmer

Selected Publications

Berliner Zeitung, Tagesspiegel Berlin, Nasty Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Kunst Magazine, PAP Magazine, À Part Publications, French Fries Magazine, Metalhead Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Basic Magazine, Container Love Magazine